Our Story

De Romph BV was established in 1990, starting with the distribution of Dutch pancakes. Since then, the company has grown rapidly to become a worldwide distributor for food and non-food products. De Romph has been able to meet the customer’s needs by operating quick and flexible and looking for new opportunities on a daily basis. The company’s management has many years of experience in the fields of importing and distributing. The basic function of de Romph is to source, market and distribute from both the domestic and the overseas market.

“We are your flexible, able and willing partner, determined to be your preferred supplier. Our vision is to offer our customers the best customized services fit for their needs to build a lasting relationship.”


The main mission of our company is to gain a leading position in the market by creating the most reliable and professional FMCG distribution company. We wish to be our customers best choice, which inspires us for constant development. Understanding our customers is our target. By being involved in everything we do, we can assure the highest quality of our service and products. We want to satisfy our customers and their needs.

Geograpgical coverage

 We cover the world, basically. Based in the Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam, the world never seems too big. This is why we import products worldwide; from Asia, Australia, the United States, Africa and Europe. Our customers are mostly small distributors based in the Middle East and West-Africa. We know the world and our way around, with respect of local customs, legislation and values. Actual coverage depends on demand of our customers and the offers of our suppliers. We will be happy to hear your needs or offers at any time.